Pineider stationery can be sold together with the Pineider printing service and some collections can also be found in elegant
gift stationery sets.
Every gift box is hand made and the cover features and engraved logo of the collection. (apart from the Arlequin collection)
All the bordered stationery boxes (Capri, Power Elegance and Empress) feature cards and envelopes with hand made elegant
silk ribbons, in the same colour as borders of the paper.
Capri and Empress collections have hand coloured borders and the presence of any sign of colour (especially dark ones) inside
the gift boxes doesn’t have to be considered as a flaw but as the natural consequence of a craftsmans work.


  • Boston

    Plain, Pineider watermarked, straight cut sheets. Plain, Pineider watermarked straight cut, blind embossed Pineider envelopes. Colours: white or ivory.

  • Capri

    Plain, Pineider watermarked, straight cut, hand-painted bordered sheets.Plain, straight cut, hand painted bordered cards. Matching, Pineider watermarked, tissue lined envelopes in the same colour as the borders, with Pineider logo blind embossed. All Pineider bordered stationery collections (Capri, Power Elegance and Empress) feature cards and envelopes with hand made elegant silk ribbons, in the same colour as the borders of the paper. Capri boxes are hand made and the cover features an engraved logo of the collection.

  • Empress

    Plain, straight cut cards and sheets with hand painted borderes. The evenopes feature a tissue lining, in the same colour as the borders. Each envelope has the blind embossed Pineider logo.  All Pineider bordered stationery collections come in a hand-made luxury box and stationery feature hand-made, elegant silk ribbons.

  • Florentia

    Plain, Pineider watermarked, deckle-edged sheets. Plain, deckle-edged cards. White tissue-lined Pineider embossed envelopes. Colours: several.

  • Les Petites - paper sets

    Pineider presents "Les Petites", new slim paper sets from the collections: Vaticano, Milano, Pineider 340, Capri, Power Elegance and Florentia. These sets are available in many different colours and sizes.

  • Milano

    Laid, Pineider watermarked, straight cut. Laid watermarked cards, straight cut. Tissue-lined envelopes with Pineider embossing. Colours: white or ivory.

  • Monograms

    10 Pineider monogrammed cards and 10 matching envelopes.
    White, plain, straight cut, Pineider watermarked cards featuring hand-painted grey borders with, at the top left, a grey monogram, printed in an exclusive Pineider typeface, from a hand-engraved die.
    The white matching envelopes are plain, straight cut, Pineider watermarked, with grey hand-painted borders.

    Envelopes are hand-tissue lined. The colour of the lining is in the same colour as the borders.

  • Par Avion

    The air mail paper is a heritage Pineider product.
    It was, and still is, the perfect match to a jet set lifestyle.
    Manufactured by Pineider since 1954.
    The graphics in front belongs to the original cover.

    Laid, Pineider watermarked, 55 grs/m² straight cut sheets.
    Laid, Pineider watermarked envelopes
    Colors: light sky

  • Vaticano
    Laid, Pineider watermarked, deckle-edged watercut paper. Plain, deckle-edged water-cut cards.Blind embossed Pineider envelopes, some sizes are white tissue-lined. Colours: white or ivory.
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