Pineider writing instruments are made in Italy with very high quality and innovative materials, according to Pineider elegance and tradition. Pineider features classic collections, which have always been a “must have“ of this brand, and new writing instruments with modern colours and innovative design. Pineider pens are small jewels of elegance and Pineider style.

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  • This rollerball pen celebrates a classic of the Pineider range : Collection 1949. A collection of exclusive, precious, inimitable products which emulates the style of those years. The writing instruments of this collection feature a ring with Pineider engraved on it and a hard stone on the cap.

    € 200,00
  • The Pineider hand plier is housed in an elegant mahogany case with a black lacquered cover, with features a customizable steel tag, which, otherwise features the engraved, elegant Pineider coat of arms.

    € 278,00
  • This is a set of 14 cedar tree pencils in a mahogany box with a mounted metal plate showing Pineider crest. The 14 pencils,have a black graphite HB mine, a white top eraser and a ring in silver color Pineider customized and they are available in four different colors: blue, black, red and white.

    € 98,00
  • The case has a mahogany base, where the aluminum stamp is housed with two red wax candles, and the cover, finely lacquered in black, with a customizable steel plate.

    € 228,00
  • La GRANDE BELLEZZA incorporates more than 30 years of Technical advancements. Shape and proportions are masterfully balanced. The Great Beauty is made from rich, machined resin. Colours are mixed by hand to mimic celluloid, the material of choice in the golden age of fountain pens

    € 548,00
  • Avatar today is an extremely popular representation with young people, who use it all the time in the social media and social forums. It has become their virtual alter ego. The Avatar collection, made in purest resin in four vibrant colours The clip is our interpretation of a goose quill. The collection's ring is inspired by the skyline of Florence

    € 148,00